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MTV True Life

Hey internets, I got an email from MTV’s True Life today!  They’re filming a documentary for the series with a working title of True Life:  I Can’t Have Sex and need one more participant.  I talked to a producer about my story for about 45 minutes earlier tonight and am super excited at the prospect of doing something like this!  Even though I’m far from an aspiring actress and telling the teevee about my vagina problems might be a little… uncouth, I think my regular readers will know that uncouth is kinda my thing and I didn’t exactly come with shame installed, so maybe participation in a documentary would be a great step for me.  I totes took an acting class in high school, so camera ready.  Right?  Eh?  Ehhh?

Plus, the best part about having this blog is getting wonderful emails and having supportive conversations with women from all over the world–going on True Life would be like a way bigger version of that!  Anyway, if you’re interested in throwing yourself in the ring of possible participants, email

(In other news!  I started an Outdoor Yoga class!  And my instructor is adorable!  A couple classes in I feel like I’m totally going to tell him alllll about pelvic pain and request a few poses that might be able to help with pelvic tension, which I’ll pass on to my very favorite corner of the web, of course.  Once I get more experience I’m definitely returning to the Yoga for Better Sex that I started this summer.)


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  1. * Brie says:

    I had an interview with them about a month ago. Good Luck, I still haven’t decided whether or not I would do it if they ended up choosing me. We shall see.

    Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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