dealing with pain and dysfunction


Back in the days when I used to force myself to have painful sex, I’d get through it and distract myself by singing Just Keep Swimming from Finding Nemo in my head.
I don’t have to do that anymore but sometimes I do out of habit.


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  1. * Quinn says:

    It sounds like you’re doing better. I’m so glad. What are you doing to manage your pain now?

    Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
  2. * traveltothesky says:

    Hi, I’m glad to hear from you! I miss hanging around this part of the internets :)

    Honestly, I’m not sure what happened. I still have painful spasms occasionally, but whatever issues I had with sex for, oh, the last 7 years just up and disappeared. I’m really thankful for it, but it’s a strange feeling. I don’t know how to deal with the idea that I’m fine now but I wasn’t when I was in a serious relationship, and I’ve been pretty upset about that. But that makes me feel like I’m taking it for granted, and just… sigh. So I suppose I’m in a pretty weird place about it, but sadly I’m still not too comfortable in my own little blog (mostly due to ex-boy and how upset I am over, um, everything). But I’m keeping it together and have been doing really well physically.

    Super interesting that Neurontin seemed to help both of us, though! I never took it in pill form, but I definitely credit my relatively pain-free state to the lido/neurontin topical I was on!

    Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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