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May is National Masturbation Month

And I think that makes it the perfect time to start, um, a relaxation experiment.  I can no longer afford to attend physical therapy, so I’m just going to continue with the stretching exercises I learned at the first session, dilator therapy, deep breathing, meditation… and masturbation.  ‘Cause what’s more relaxing that an orgasm, right?!

Another benefit:  the Implanon-related spotting seems to have slowed or stopped.  Yay!  Maybe vulvodynia isn’t so bad, I’ve spent a long time on this yesterday (come on, the dilators take forever, it’s not like this is *just* for fun) and it feels like I accomplished something.  I got off a few times and made it all the way up to the last dilator.  Nevermind that it’s study week and I haven’t really done much for classes.  What a productive day.

Just because I’m super excited about this, repeated for emphasis:

I made it up to the last dilator!!

I’m going to throw myself a party in public.  Okay, so this will probably amount to me getting some kind of treat and listening to happy music and skipping around a little bit, but I’ll call it a party.  No, I know… I’ll mentally co-opt a friend’s party this weekend and pretend like everyone’s there to celebrate meeee!!


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  1. * K says:

    Yay! I remember when I got the last dilator to go in. I seem to recall doing the dilator dance. So let’s dance!
    To perform this move you shake your dilators like maracas.
    No I’m kidding.

    But seriously that merits some dancing.

    Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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