dealing with pain and dysfunction

too many posts on the dancefloor

I have more interesting tales to share with you!  I’ve been using the super special pelvic pain concoction again for about a week now.  Tonight was the night that the burniness reached bearable levels!  There’s a trick to it though.  After applying, wait about 15 minutes, no underwear and no lying down.  Then it’s not so bad.  A significant improvement from the starting point of doubled over and teary-eyed for a good half hour.

Dr. Levey originally said that the mixture should be used for two months before I see improvement.  But the last time I stuck with this for any length of time, it was about one month and I noticed significant improvement as far as penetration pain was concerned.  What I never vocalized:  The time it didn’t hurt I had forgotten some pills and therefore used a condom.  For awhile I was secretly convinced I was just allergic to penises.  Then I remembered the q-tip test…


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