dealing with pain and dysfunction

New Toy!

Okay, I guess it’s not quite a toy, but my new PinkCup came today, all the way from the Czech Republic!  It’s soo tiny and adorable, the whole thing, stem included, is about the length of my ring finger (and I’ll probably be removing the stem, which makes up a good portion of the length).  It’s really squishy, but not as soft as I had thought it’d be judging from all the online reviews.  Plus it’s PINK.  Like a VAGINA.  Get it?  Ha.

Also it comes in a pink bag with white polka dots and a white ribbon drawstring.  This whole thing is so freakin cute.  But really, I’m not so frivolous that I’d spend money on a new cup just for the cute factor.  The Diva, which I got a couple years ago, is kind of the default American cup.  I got it because it was available at Whole Foods and easily accessible.  And even though it was totally life changing, and so so so much better than all the chemicals of awful, bleachy, dry tampons, it’s always been a little too long for me.  Plus, the silicone of the Diva is a lot more rigid and difficult to deal with.  But I’ve happily used it anyway, despite the slight pain with insertion and removal.  I mean, think of the environment and suck it up, I guess.  I’m trying to deal with my penchant for putting up with bullshit that I don’t have to, so I finally spent the money on getting a cup that will probably fit me better and be even more comfortable.

I won’t have to wait that long to use it, either, since the Implanon has me on a perma-period!  I mean… weird thing to be excited about, I guess, but I’ll probably only have to wait a day or two before I can try it out.  Plus I’d like to do a little bit of evangelizing to my housemates, and it’d probably be more effective to show them the cup before it’s been inside me.  Full review to come!


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