dealing with pain and dysfunction


I moved up to the second dilator today, and if I just left my body to it’s own devices without holding the dilator or moving it, it would get pushed out in under ten seconds.

Vag sez:  GTFO.

Also, after giving up, I have a bit of a raw/scrapey/burny feeling.  Quite unpleasant.  I think the answer is more lube, perhaps a different kind?  I got the most basic KY available, as I remember that anything other lead to a weeklong vagina fire back in the days of trying to have sex.  I wish that ingredients were listed on these bottles, I’m allergic to about everything.  Maybe I’ll try heading down to Babeland.  I’d like to support a feminist sex shop anyway, plus I only live a few blocks from it.  We’ll see.


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  1. * Tessah says:

    I have heard only good things about a lubricant called Slippery Stuff or FemGlide. (I haven’t had a chance to try it myself yet, but I’ve never heard of anyone having issues with it.) Astroglide caused a burning sensation for me and my friend had the same reaction from KY.

    Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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