dealing with pain and dysfunction

NYC Therapy

On Friday I saw Dr. Barbara Bartlik at Weill Cornell Psychiatry.  She specializes in anxiety/depression, relationships, and vulvodynia.  Although she’s a psychiatrist, she has also done research on vulvodynia and pelvic pain.  We had a really great conversation, and she gave me more recommendations for dealing with anxiety and pelvic pain than all the other doctors I have seen–some of which I hadn’t heard of.

– Theanine

– Valerian Root

– Pycnogonol, 75 mg twice/day

– Arginine, 3 g/day

– Olive oil as lubricant (for use with dilators or partner)

– Caprillic acid

– Uva urso (bearberry)

– Low sugar diet (as recommended by Dr. Deborah Metzger of California)

– Digestive enzymes and probiotics (Culturelle was recommended brand)

She also wrote me a prescription for a set of dilators and recommended a physical therapist at Weill Cornell.  Her name is Alyssa Padiail, and I’ll be calling tomorrow to set up an appointment so I can figure out how to best use my biofeedback machine.  My other prescription was for Viagra, strangely enough.  By increasing circulation to the pelvis, dilator and biofeedback therapy will be more effective and sex less painful (at least that’s the hope).  The arginine supplements work with Viagra to strengthen the effect.

Overall, I liked Dr. Bartlik much better than the Cornell campus sex therapist, and already have a second appointment set up with her in two weeks.  She had not heard of the low-oxalate diet, so vulvar vestibulitis patients may want to find a different therapist who is more familiar with VV treatments.