dealing with pain and dysfunction

A Change.

My mother let me charge the biofeedback machine to her card. (!) And now I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail, hopefully before I leave for NYC for the summer. I can’t wait for it to get here! I’m a bit scared for the whole process though. I bought the probe instead of the wires and those sticky EKG pads to save some money, and I really hope that the probe isn’t too uncomfortable. Eek, it’s making me nervous. But at least I won’t have to deal with ripping those electrodes off. Nothing like killing the newfound relaxation by tearing adhesive off your crotch, eh?

I also found a therapist in the city that has experience with women’s sexual health, couple’s therapy, AND mood disorders… plus, she’s through Weill-Cornell, so go big red or something school-spirity. I also found a medical acupuncturist at, and his office also does yoga and other mind-body relaxation. I just hope I have enough time to go. So I’m feeling pretty good about things for a change. Hopefully six months+ of biofeedback and a whole lot of therapy will be just what I need.


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