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Special Accomodations to Fully Participate…

I’m working on filling out all the paperwork for my internship program in NYC this summer, and there are an awful lot of health questions. Le sigh. There are about 28 people in the program with me (but we all work at different agencies), and we are all supposed to live in doubles. There is one grad student in the program who had a single. Then me and my cyborg-vag biofeedback-ing self came along and stole her single room so I could do physical therapy twice a day. I decided whether or not insurance covers my equipment, I’m going to be dropping the cash to get it, because I am so over this chronic pain thing. But I feel like a jerk for taking that poor woman’s room. I don’t know how old she is, but I’m sure she will not be amused by having to live with someone my age.

As far as other health issues go (now that I have a reader or two, I can apologize for getting off track), my doctors think I have gastrointestinal lupus. What the hell? Who gets lupus? Bah. I’ve been constantly nauseous for two months now, and I’m still having loads of tests done next week.

More on topic, I’ve been spotting this week, a full week before my period. I’m on the pill (until I get an IUD, yay!), and I have been for five years, (so spotting and irregularity, which never ever ever happens, so matter how sick/stressed I am) means something else bad is going on. I have to get a pelvic exam on Tuesday, which is terrifying. As you may be able to tell from previous posts, I have some serious pent-up gyno hate. That + nausea + PMS = unhappy girl on Tuesday. I am really not interested in having someone poke and prod and internally bruise me. Ugh, I am always sore for days after an exam. At least I got a really adorable cloth pad at, so I won’t have to have anything else invading me for the week. I’ll miss my cup though. It’s strange how an exam hurts but inserting a cup is totally fine–I guess it has something to do with being in control.


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  1. * Erin says:

    Good luck with your exam:( and all that!

    Posted 10 years ago

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