dealing with pain and dysfunction

Sex Therapist Redux

I got a voicemail yesterday from the sex therapist I saw in March.  She was calling to see if I’d like to make another appointment, which was a nice gesture.  Not exactly the kind of thing I want a nice, recorded reminder of though.  I’ve been neglecting those “emotional strides” that I promised myself I’d make, just because I’ve been dealing with that OTHER chronic pain issue that my stomach has goin’ on.  I’ve been dealing with gastroenterologists for a bit, which is a nice change of pace from the gynecologists.  I haven’t been up to going to therapy (or much of anything else, for that matter), unfortunately.

I did start back up with the topical medication that Dr. Levey prescribed last summer.  It’s a creme of lidocaine, aspirin, and one other thing–the label ripped when it was shipped from an NYC pharmacy.  It was minimally effective when I used it for a couple months last fall, but I stopped because it was such a burning, stinging, sticky, mint-scented mess that I got fed up with it.  I made myself a little sign that says ‘take the time’ mostly because I am bored and sick at home, but also because I had bright blue paper and needed a reminder to myself that it’s really worthwhile to put up with the burning.  And damn, does it burn.  I’m going to use it for a month and then test out it’s efficacy this time–no sex for a month shouldn’t be hard when I’m nauseated and my vag is minty and stinging, I think.


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