dealing with pain and dysfunction

The Feminist Perspective on Female Sexual Dysfunction.

I do strongly identify as a feminist. However, if someone (Our Bodies, Our Blog, among many others) is going to tell me that female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is being created by pharmaceutical companies in order to make a profit, they can FUCKING SHOVE IT.

I would be jumping for joy if someone manufactured a pill that could make me better. Imagine, a pill that would make the pain stop, make the self-consciousness, the arguments, the doubt, the fear stop. I don’t care how much money I would have to give to big pharma. I don’t care if some feminists declared that my sexuality was being pathologized. I don’t care if “dysfunction” sounds ugly to a feminist blogger’s delicate sensibilities (and that’s saying a lot, because I’m the first to decry the stereotype that feminists = oversensitive). It makes me feel better to have a medical vocabulary to use, like the problem is a real one and that it’s not all in my head, as I’ve been told by so many doctors. Perhaps they can consider that when they accuse doctors and pharma of “making a disease.” Perhaps they can consider that when my foot is up their ass, as well.

Really, “looking to social change and education”?  Thanks a whole fucking lot, that will totally help with my uncontrollable pubococcygeus muscle.  Yeah, I want some social change in my vagina.  Morons.  I understand how that can help women who’s FSD is emotionally based (trauma leading to vaginismus, etc), but to claim that all FSD can be treated with social change and education is simply ludicrous.  I don’t understand how the leap is being made from a drug for FSD –> a narrow view of acceptable sexual behavior.  Anorgasmia isn’t acceptable to a lot of women, unless they are asexual.  And my pain sure as shit is not acceptable to me.  Who are they (bloggers and the people they cite, such as Leonore Tiefer, a psychotherapist at NYU, incidentally the same place where I got my vulvodynia diagnosis) to tell me and their entire audience that FSD is being manufactured by big pharma?  This makes me very angry.  And very disturbed.  I don’t need any more impediments to my medical care than I’ve already got.


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